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The stronger your team is, the more results you will get.  We give your company the competitive edge, through creativity, collaboration, and effective communication!

Professional Training with a Twist

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We train your team to think differently and adapt to unexpected situations. As improvisors, we happen to be experts in those very things. With This Is Improv's techniques and training in business skills, your employees will have FUN while working toward their goals.

Shift Your Team's Focus

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Look at your company through the eyes of a professional improvisor.  Whether your team is looking for  professional development courses or for team building activities, there is always a lesson to be learned.  

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What we Offer

Team Building

Gain a better understanding of yourself and others in a safe and fun environment.  

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Learn how to solve problems actively by utilitizing tools used by improvisors  to overcome barriers.

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Public Speaking

Give your team confidence to conquer upcoming presentations to customers and clients. 

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We want to help you and your business environment be the best it can be.  Talk to us about it.  It'll be fun!

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