Improv and Comedy Camp Online

Improv and Comedy Camp

Virtual Camp - A New Way to Play

How are your kids going to fill their day when school is over? Well if your kids like video games, YouTube, and talking to their friends online, improv and comedy camp online is a mix of all three. Experience the all the fun the virtual world has to offer with interactive play that lasts most of the day. 

Just like our on-ground improv and comedy camp, This Is Improv brings interactive, engaging, live FUN with other kids to your home. Stay in PJs or wear your coziest socks as we create and connect over Zoom. Get your computer ready for your kids to move, write, and laugh the day away with the professional team of writers and actors from This Is Improv. Sign up your child by themselves, or encourage your child’s friends to join your session for a virtual get-together! 

Campers are broken up by age.

There will be a break for your kids to relax and enjoy lunch at home!

How can improv help your child succeed?  

They will:

  • Gain leadership experience
  • Learn to work with others
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Stay active



We use Zoom for our Virtual Camp


Mondays - Fridays


Registration Pricing

One Day Registration: $75.00

For Multiple Day Registration, Please Contact Us Directly:

Five Day Registration: $250.00

Three Week Registration: $600.00

*Three week camps create a virtual show

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